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Infomercial Production Company San Francisco Bay Area



Direct response has a proven track record of success.  Combined with a good product or service, a solid presentation with great on-camera talent and a well placed media buy can lead to incredible sales.  All you need to do is choose the right infomercial production company, and follow that up with the right media buy and fulfillment system.

Your infomercial can be produced right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  There is no need to go to LA, because everything can be done right here in the East Bay.  We can manage any or all aspects of its creation, from development through production, post production, and finally marketing and high intelligence infomercial media buying. You get all of this – without the extra costs, unnecessary overhead and cumbersome workflow of a big agency.  The same holds true for live broadcast shows and direct sales channels.  Your product can be featured on national broadcast television stations, and you don’t have to pay high network rates nor travel to a distant location.

Examining all the options for producing your television show can be difficult.  It’s easy to start down the wrong path.  There are many infomercial production companies that will charge far too much for what they deliver.  Then there are the others which don’t have enough experience with infomercials or true broadcast television, and you can end up with a show that doesn’t produce sales.

Now that everybody has a camera, everyone thinks they can make television.  This is hardly the case. These days, you see a lot of lower quality presentations as a result of the popularity of online video.  To get that extra edge of quality and the results that can only be achieved when your customers take you seriously, you need a superior company, grounded in the fundamentals of what separates the amateurs from the professionals. The current trend is back to quality, and Flip2media can give you that important edge.