video production and photography

On location Flip2Media RED camera shootFlip2Media offers complete turnkey packages for any scope of project.  F2M professionals can help you produce creative and effective media solutions. We have the modern cameras and support systems you would expect from a modern production team, and the experienced professionals who make sure your project comes together just right.




On location Flip2Media corporate training video shoot

Combining years of experience shooting in a variety locations and our state-of-the-art production equipment ensures our success in bringing every project to life.






On location cinematic commercial shoot

Many F2M projects are shot on-location utiliing our full service remote production capabilities, from single camera packages to multi-camera fly-packs. When appropriate, we utilize our best-in-class broadcast video studio.




Music video shoot on the Flip2Media soundstageF2M’s broadcast stage can flex-up to accommodate an elaborate multi-cam live switched show or it can scale down to become a single camera insert stage for a simple video media tours and quick interviews





Music video shoot on the Flip2Media soundstage

Whether a music video, company training or live satellite broadcast, you’re in the right hands with our seasoned production team.  Contact us for a proposal on your project!