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Space lights… the final frontier

There are many good ways to light a film studio for green screen cyc or white screen cyc setups.  There is also one best way: SPACE LIGHTS!  Space lights (Mole calls them “Spacelites“) provide a level of control, softness and consistency that is difficult to achieve with other methods. In the past we have always used other specialized instruments for the task, but it has sometimes been a struggle.

Eight space lights on Flip2media green screen cyc

Eight space lights on Flip2Media green screen cyclorama wall.  Sorry about leaving some of the layout board on the floor!  It’s all green under there.

So, after years of renting space lights when clients needed that no-compromise lighting performance, we now have our own collection of these gems.  Our new space lights are permanently hung on our huge green screen stage, ready to create an outstanding look for your next studio production!

On top of that, we now have more cyc wall painted permanently green than ever before.   Along with 30 feet of white, we also have 45 feet of green screen cyclorama wall always available.  From now on, you’ll be able to shoot those big and deep scenes without the big and deep painting costs.

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