From 1983 – 1986, LMA Video had a small team of dedicated professionals in Florida which participated in creating the then-new industry of consumer video programming for end users. People were starting to get VCRs, as they were the first “video on demand” medium in existence. The industry was still relatively new, and the potential for consumers and professionals to receive training, information and entertainment seemed endless.

1986 saw the relocation of the company to the San Francisco Bay area and the name changed to LMA Video of California. For years we had been favoring west coast production facilities for our projects, and the move out of Florida seemed natural. We prospered through the 80’s and into the turn of the decade.

By 1990, our business model had a very clear direction. We were becoming the preferred producer for the high tech industry, particularly the many medical device companies, sports medicine and those in the pharmaceutical industry. There were many reasons they relied so heavily on us.

These companies were trailblazers. Often, their product (or even their company) was little more than an idea. Our ability to harness the new world of 3D computer animation to explain how these companies’ devices and concepts would actually work, was the stuff of magic. We had the innate ability explain very complex processes in the most comprehensive manner possible. Our video productions gave industry a new way to sell a product, raise capital, or even take their company to Wallstreet. At the same time, they knew their secrets were safe with LMA.

The proprietary nature of so many of our projects made us begin to think about the wisdom of continuing to operate in the less secure atmosphere of outside production facilities. We were always cautious about the security of intellectual property and had built our reputation on reliable confidentiality. We had to admit to ourselves that it would be best to build our own studio, reducing the likelihood of production delays and creating the safest possible environment.

This new initiative came to fruition in 1991, when parallel efforts were coincidentally underway by another television professional. The legendary football coach and sports announcer John Madden was considering building a video stage to serve as a location for fulfilling his ever growing duties as a broadcaster and corporate sponsor. His “team” for this new entity was not yet complete. He already had Doug Mann, his engineer from Livermore CA for his “Ace Sports Quiz” and ”John Madden’s Sports Calendar” syndicated radio shows. The two of them sought out an existing video company to make the new studio complete, in order to avoid putting together the whole video department from scratch. Fate was satisfied when Madden discovered LMA, which was searching for a facility too. On November 1 1991, the studio opened its doors for business in Pleasanton.

The following months were a period heavy of activity. The 3,000 square foot shooting stage was the largest in the east bay. It was outfitted with 75 feet of cyclorama, a 16.5 foot lighting grid, and a massive 1,200 amps of power. A state of the art television control room was installed to accommodate the full breadth of needs from live TV, to advanced component video editing, audio sweetening, graphics, and anything else that a full service production facility would be required to provide. Plenty of whisper quiet air conditioning was added to complement the famous coach’s affinity for cold weather. Flip2Media with Goal Line, (the production company for the “All Madden Team”) began a new era of technology and sports television production on a solid footing.

Together with Goal Line, we operated as independent but cooperative production entities. We brought our years of experience in sports medicine, music, medical and pharmaceutical video production capabilities, along with a cherry-picked team of tradesmen. Joe Madden (John’s son) managed Goal Line, and leveraged the “All Madden Team” and the stage’s new capabilities to expand into new territories.

Spring 2007 – LMA Film and Video, Inc. reorganized to become LMA Productions, LLC. Thaddeus Coberg, Doug Mann, and Glenn Shockley joined LMA Film and Video as partners in the new venture. The new attitude afforded by this change in management is taking the company in exciting new directions.

December 2013 – LMA Productions, LLC was dissolved.

January 2014 – Flip2Media, Inc. opens as a full service media & video production company offering content development, producing, post production and electronic file delivery.  F2M offers Marketing and Advertising services providing clients a full spectrum services from market research to media buys.

Today, Flip2Media continues as a premier media company and as one of the Bay Area’s top tier stages, and the largest video studio in Silicon Valley, San Jose and the East Bay with an integrated television control room. Some things have changed, but the most important thing stays the same. We thank our customers for every opportunities we have had to engage in quality work, well intended, and well executed.


When the producers of the New York/Broadway hit “Jersey Boys” wanted to tape the show in High Definition they once again turned to the professionals of Flip2Media, Inc. After shooting the show at the Curran Theatre in standard definition before last fall’s opening night in San Francisco, F2M was the producer’s first and only choice for this challenging production. Selected musical numbers were shot in both rehearsal and live audience settings covered by three Sony F-900 High Definition cameras. F2M utilized a dolly & track placed in the center of the audience and on stage to capture several exciting tracking shots. The footage was used to create television commercials for the show.


In association with John Madden and Goal Line Productions, produced the annual “ALL-MADDEN TEAM” Specials syndicated throughout the CBS and Fox Broadcasting Networks.

“Time is Brain” won a 2008 Freddie Award and covered the subject of stroke. It draws upon personal stories of lives impacted by a stroke. The viewer comes away with a clear understanding of the symptoms and the critical importance of getting medical help as quickly as possible.


In association with General Nutrition Centers, produced a series of sixty-five (65) thirty minute programs. This magazine format series called “Feeling Great” features studio and on-location segments on health, fitness, nutrition, exercise, cooking, lifestyles, and celebrity interviews.

The ongoing series “Ethnic Health America” with Dr. Mike Lenoir, which focuses on the unique healthcare needs and obstacles to treatment of urban citizens, and solutions that focus on the challenges that face ethnic minorities in the United States.



In association with SONY, produced the first medical interactive laser video disc ever developed. This disc covered specific concepts and techniques of Radial Keratotomy as demonstrated by the developer of the procedure Russian physician Dr. Federov.


In association with SONY and Walt E. Disney Design, produced an interactive laser video disc that allowed visitors to the World Key Exhibit at EPCOT Center in Orlando, FL to interactively tour other exhibits throughout the park and to make dining and activity reservations.

AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING / Martin Marietta Aerospace

In association with NCR and Martin Marietta Aerospace, developed an interactive laser video disc work station that provided an automated quality control system for semiconductor manufacturing for the LANTIRN (Low Altitude Night Terrain Infra Red Navigation) project.


In association with JC Penney, produced and developed an interactive laser video disc for selected point of sale kiosks that allowed customers to view and purchase a full line of upscale furniture for the home and office.



In association with Electronic Arts Sports Network, provided production services for various consumer titles in the Electronic Arts product inventory.


In association with Reisung Enterprises, produced “Wildcat: Thunder in the Sky” an aviation documentary on the Grumman Wildcat, a World War II carrier-based fighter plane that was the forerunner to the Grumman F-14 Tomcat.


Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Video Atlas

In association with Medical Education Technologies, developed and produced a ten (10) videotape series titled “Reddick on Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy”. This series features Eddie Joe Reddick, MD and includes over ten (10) hours of instructional and educational material on laparoscopic cholecystectomy techniques.

Echocardiography Video Atlas

“Video Atlas of Two Dimensional Color Flow Doppler Echocardiography with George Gura, MD”. This book and two (2) tape series on the acquisition and interpretation of two-dimensional color doppler echocardiography ultrasound images was produced in association with Little, Brown and Company