IMG_3253Flip2Media is a full service media company with extensive experience in producing media for broadcast, corporate and web delivery.  We offer our clients expertise from creative & content development through all facets of production and post production for the creation of high quality media.

Our Marketing and Advertising capabilities provide our clients a full spectrum services from market research to media buys.  Our experienced understanding of audience measurement strategies is the key to our success in providing the right media mix for the maximum return on your media investment.  We understand the interaction of new technologies and social media and how they can be leveraged for effective messaging.

IMG_2332 Production & Post Production Capabilities

Our 3000 sq ft Broadcast Television Stage provides enough room for a wide variety of projects.  Our studio has been the home of everything from intimate interviews to chroma keying green screen virtual sets and elaborate custom built set environments.

Many projects are also shot on-location utilizing our full service remote production capabilities, from single camera packages to multi-camera fly-packs.

Our producers, directors & crew are professionals who know how to translate the creative process into visual art.  We are experienced in breaking down scripts for shots, blocking and lighting scenes and preparing takes for post production.

We round out our productions on three fully equipped Post Production Suites featuring Final Cut Pro, Adobe and DaVinci platforms. Each suite has its own Sony BVM REC-709 color critical grading monitor, plus reference monitoring.

Our key services include:

Scripting & Consultation
Budget Development
Pre-producing & Producing activities
Full Studio & Remote Production capabilities
Audio Recording
Post Production
File encoding & delivery

Additional services include:

Still Photography
Broadcast Services
Satellite transmission
Fiber optic
Internet Streaming and on-demand delivery
Web Design

Typical projects:

Television Advertising Campaigns
Network and Cable Programming
Corporate Marketing Communications
Corporate Training Communications
Special Interest Programs for Broadcast and Retail Sale
Multi-Language Programming (Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, French, German, Italian)