Broadcast Television Studio / Stage

Our 3,000 square foot television stage provides enough room for a wide variety of projects. It has been the home of everything from intimate interviews to chroma keying green screen virtual sets and elaborate custom builds and national broadcast shows with satellite uplink. Our Live Control Room is the best way to bring your multi-camera switched video production to life. Whether fully equipped or bare, this substantial space is easy to rent and the most productive, cost effective stage for production in the Bay Area. Let us show you!
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Corporate Communications

If Content is King, Corporate video production is its Prince! Our 23 years in Pleasanton means we have the experience with the multitude of media content that are utilized within a corporate environment - executive messaging, corporate training videos, human resource training videos and diversity training to name a few. From simple interviews to highly scripted roleplaying, whether on-location or on our flexible & spacious 3,000 square foot television stage, F2M understands how to produce effective and affordable corporate media.

Video Production

Flip2Media is a full service television and media production studio with extensive experience in producing video programs for broadcast, industrial and other specialty markets. Everything is under one roof, from concept through delivery.

Our Pleasanton facility features three Final Cut Pro & Adobe Edit Suites, a 3,000 square foot video studio & interconnected control room plus master control, lights & grip and a full complement of remote production gear.

F2M has created educational, corporate and marketing media for national and private organizations in healthcare, biotech, medical device, nursing and other disciplines. Our 3D animations of concepts, treatments and devices have been used to successfully train and educate corporate and healthcare professionals and attract venture capital to fledgling companies.

Whether on our stage or on-location, it's the F2M people that make it happen - Award-winning Writers, Producers, Directors, Editors & Crew.

Going strong since 1983, we strive for excellence with every product and service we deliver.

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